World Parkinson's Disease Day 2018

"There's no right rhythm for life", World PD Day 2018

Real People with Parkinson's dance to their own rhythm to promote tolerance.

All around the world, millions of People with Parkinson's may need an extra couple of minutes to perform daily tasks, like reaching for the wallet and pay for groceries, using an ATM, crossing the street or getting to their seat on a bus.

Social pressure and anxiety that derives from the fear of taking too long may worsen the symptoms, making them a lot harder to accomplish - and resulting in a tendency for People with Parkinson's to gradually give up their independence.

Taking it slow can improve their lives.

Don't rush. There's no right rhythm for life.

Knowing more about the disease and being more tolerant

Knowing more about the disease and being more tolerant can effectively improve the lives of the 10 million People with Parkinson's Disease all around the world.

BIAL's mission is to empower them and to show that People with Parkinson's can be inspiring. To prove it, BIAL invited former professional dancer, Pamela Quinn, a Parkinson's movement coach from the New York-based school PD Movement Lab and a person with Parkinson's herself, to collaborate with real People with Parkinson's and professional dancers on the creation of a video to debut on World Parkinson's Day. Aimed not only at those who have the disease but mostly to the ones who know nothing about it.

The Project Minds

A short documentary made with first-person testimonies: choreographer, actors, musicians and the rest of the team engaged in this Project.

Interview with Pamela Quinn

Interview with choreographer Pamela Quinn: her insights about the Project and the experience as a person living with Parkinson's Disease for more than 20 years.

Interview with Prof. Joaquim Ferreira

Interview with Neurologist and Movement Disorder Specialist, Prof. Joaquim Ferreira: the relevance of music and dance in Parkinson's Disease patient's lives.