Are you a Caregiver?

Understanding the main issues

Looking after someone living with Parkinson's is at times both physically and mentally draining. It is important that before the burden becomes too much, you know how much of it you can and are prepared to take on. Trying to do too much can be as bad as not doing enough, which is why it is important you recognize when you need help and ask for it.

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Parkinson's Disease Main Issues

When to contact the doctor

As a caregiver for someone with Parkinson’s there are certain situations when it is important that you ask to see the doctor.

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Bial-Parkinson-When to contact the doctor

Have a list of questions to ask the doctor

Not all doctors are great communicators and the time available for the visit sometimes so short that you might hesitate to interject or even forget what you had been meaning to ask.

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Parkinson's Patient speaking to Doctor

Engaging with your local patient association

Many people feel reluctant to engage with their local patient association or join a patient group, but it is only by getting in touch with one that you can find out if it is something for.

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Engaging with Other Parkinson's Patients